When Should I Get a College Audition Coach

Every year students contact me for college audition coaching, some with panic in their voices. After I get the initial details, I know if they have contacted me too late into the process. When should you get a college audition coach? Well, that all depends. Here are some points to think about when planning.

Work Backwards

What is the deadline of your first audition? Work backwards from there. I usually recommend a minimum of four meetings with your audition coach, more if you do not have any monologues prepared and memorized. Those four meetings could be in a span of four to six weeks. After the first two meetings, I sometimes break with the student for a couple of weeks so they have time to memorize. The last couple of coaching sessions are not productive until the student is off book.

Be Well Prepared

The four to six week schedule is for students who comes to the first meeting well prepared. Being well prepared is when students have done the initial monologue research and have narrowed down their selection. I recommend students have four monologues prepared: a dramatic and comedic contemporary and a dramatic and comedic Shakespeare monologue. It is even better if the students have one or more of these monologues memorized before the first meeting. Many students feel the monologues they have already used in auditions are stale and they should look for new ones. If it is a contemporary monologue that is overdone than maybe it is time to get a new monologue. But many times working that “old” monologue with a coach can help bring a new life to the performance. Do you know if you have an overdone monologue? Sign up for the FREE overdone monologue list I provide and find out.

Experience with Shakespeare

What is your experience level with Shakespeare? Many students contact me for Shakespeare coaching because I use the First Folio. The First Folio technique is a great tool that aids the actors in accessing the language through clues Shakespeare left in the text itself. While a student does not need to know the first folio technique to work with me, it is helpful to have some experience with Shakespeare.

If you ares still not sure, I would recommend reaching out to an audition coach a minimum of eight weeks before your audition. You might not have to start a session right away, but at least you can chat with the audition coach and work with them to create a plan. It doesn’t hurt to be early, but it could hurt you if you contact a college audition coach too late.

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    1. Kathy

      Just came upon your blog and want to thank you for your insight on auditioning. I will keep all this info in mind when auditioning.

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