The Year of the Thank You

With a new year and a new decade I announced in my February e-newsletter this is the Year of Thanks. There is great things going on in my life, no matter the circumstances, and I want to be thankful for everything.

Being thankful is something I am hearing a lot recently. I have started listening to the Inside Acting Podcast, and their first discussion point with a listener was around the issue of sending a thank you card do a casting director, when it is their job to call you in for an audition.

The second place I am hearing about being thankful is Gary Vaynerchuck, as he is writing a new book Thank You Economy. He has made available a part of chapter one and chapter ten. The basic idea is one have to care enough about every relationship one has connected to their business. Word of mouth has a new outlet, social media.

“Social media has transformed our world into one great big small town, dominated, as all vibrant towns used to be, by the strength of relationships, the currency of caring, and the power of word of mouth.”

But social media is just a tool to foster relationships, and all relationships need care that only real life interactions can provide. So while my year is about being thankful, my life/work is about relationships.

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