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We leave for Europe (London, Paris, Rome for three days each) in a week. Which we will become official tourists. I say official because these past few weeks I have been doing tourist type preparations.

I bought three books online, Frommer’s Day by Day books for each city. In them they give you the best sights to see if you are in town for one, two, or three days (perfect for us) as well as the best restaurants, hotels, and other things that a “savy tourist” (yes they even have a section for that) would want to know. I am also reading Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island. If you have not ever read Bill Bryson, he is a travel writer with the greatest sense of humor. To start, I recommend A Walk in the Woods, it will want to make you hike the Appalachian trail with a friend, and not at the same time.

I feel I am well versed and ready for the trip. The thing that I am not looking forward to is being a tourist. The ones we make fun of in LA (or NY if that is your fancy). To walk around, not 100% sure where you are going, so the map never leaves your sight. The one taking pictures of anything and everything. Ordering a meal, and then having a look of “What the…” when it comes because you were expecting something completely different. Then again, it is going to be AWESOME! The laptop is staying in the states, so I will not be able to update the blog with photos, but will do so when we return. So guvn’r, ciao!!

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    2 thoughts on “The Tourist

    1. UnfunnyPunMan

      everyone starts out as a tourist. just pay attention so that when you go back you can make fun of the tourists there too.
      as much as you can, memorize the map before you go.
      my favorite are the MapEasy’s Guidemap to . . .
      it’s a map that is very landmark oriented to make it easy for the user who has never been to that place. very easy to memorize the big, noticable landmarks to have an idea where you are so you can duck in to a corner and have a look at the map without being seen.
      this summer i’m going back for my 6th trip. in Paris, i don’t even use a map unless i’m looking for a place to which i’ve never been.
      you’ll be fine. have fun. and don’t worry about being made fun of as a tourist . . . chances are you won’t know what they’re saying (even in England).

    2. dennis

      Thanks for the comment Unfunny,

      We had a GREAT time. I will post more soon. We fit in pretty well. Obviously language barriers in some parts of Paris and Rome, but it was alot fun.

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