The Short List

That is a word that I have been using more since the auditions. I emailed Rutgers university to tell them they are on my short list. I also got an email today from Indiana University which stated I was on their short list.

What does that mean? I am not 100% sure because everyone’s short list is different. A short list could actually be pretty long, or shorter than that, or even shorter than that. You get my drift.

Therefore Indiana is on my list. I don’t know much about the school than what I got from the website and the short 15 minute interview in Chicago. So now it’s time for research (i.e. trying to find any Indiana MFA alumni in LA). If you know any please pass them this way.

Out of the schools that expressed interest so far, here is the ranking of my short list:

1. Rutgers University
2. University of Iowa
3. Indiana University (May change after some research)
4. Wayne St. University

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    7 thoughts on “The Short List

    1. Anonymous

      I was recenlty put on Asolo’s first alternate list. In your estimation do school’s ever turn to this list, or do they offer more slots than they have available? I really want to stay on top of them since Asolo is my first choice, however I do not want to seem overbearing. Any advice?

    2. Kai Martin

      I don’t think they offer more slots than there are available (after all, if everyone accepted, the program would be in trouble). If someone declines an offer, I think they just go to the first person on the wait list, and go on from there.

      Congrats on hearing from Asolo, although it’s a bummer for me since I haven’t heard anything from them yet (and they’re one of my top 3).

    3. Tom I


      Stumbled on your site while looking up Rutgers info myself. I think we are in the same boat, I will be going out in March to check out the MFA program and as of now it is at the top of my short list. I haven’t heard about any sort of call-backs, so it seems like the question now is do we WANT to go? Thoughts?
      Feel free to email me

    4. Kai Martin

      Am I completely neurotic, or is anyone else finding this waiting period much more agonizing than the lead-up to the auditions themselves? I feel like I’m in this wierd limbo state until I hear a yes/no from everyone…

    5. dennis

      Thank for the post Tom. I emailed you. I hear you Kai. It is hard to move forward, personally after I decide what school to go to, my wife has to start applying to work at a hospital in the area and we want to look into buying a place. This wait is different and less nerve racking than auditions for me, but wierd none the less.

    6. Anonymous

      I am pleased to announce my acceptance into the Asolo Theatre Conservatory MFA Acting program. I will be attending this fall! Good luck to all!


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