The month of April

There is a month left of school! The work is beginning to pile up as we prepare for finals. Below is a list of the work that needs to be done. We will have to perform our acting scenes, Shakespeare monologue, and dance final for the faculty during finals week. School if officially over on May 9th. All the work below has to be memorized, which is what I will be doing this weekend:

1. Final scene for acting class

2. Final scene for directing class

3. “Chicago” poem for speech class

4. Final scene for Stage Combat

5. Shakespeare scene for Voice and Speech class

This year has FLOWN by and seems only recently that I started this program. This past month about twenty to twenty-five prospect students came out to visit. It brought back all the memories of coming to visit last year. Seeing how tired the students were, intrigued by the classes, and excited about beginning my studies. The students brought a refreshing energy and the feeling that we as first years need to remember how hard it is to get into a program like this and that we still need to be grateful even though we are tired and frustrated at times.

With the end of the semester upon us I have also began to think of procuring work for the summer. It has been difficult to do with so much going on. I have put out some feelers to the graduate students of different acting programs regarding web design. Some interest has been expressed and I hope to turn those prospects into a couple of jobs. I have auditioned for a couple of summer stock theaters, but nothing has come of that to date. I have a audition for the Princeton Summer Theater tomorrow. That being twenty minutes away, it would be a nice gig to do.

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