The Artist Never Arrives

I just finished watching the second part the Martin Scorsese’s documentary “No Direction Home” on Bob Dylan. Today was one of those days for me as an actor. I got a call on Thursday for an audition today for a lead role in a feature film. I was stoked and wanted to prepare. So I schedule a private session for Friday. The session went great and I left with some clear ideas and direction. I spent the weekend memorizing my lines. The audition comes and goes and I did not nail it. This is not one where I did good and just not sure if they will call me back. I outright did not nail it. I was bummed the whole day. I had invested a good amount of time and I did not execute.

Then as I watch the movie Dylan says that an artist must never think that he has arrived. He must always be changing, growing, and moving forward. I needed his 60 some years of perspective. The artist I am now will not be the artist I will be tomorrow or 20 years from now. I will always not be there, so what does it matter to dwell on the fact. No matter what success I have as an artist there will always be a part of me that thinks I can do better, and must strive to do better. So in truth I am suppose to be where I am at. And tomorrow will be someplace different.

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