That Long Damn Dark

That Long Damn Dark

“Dennis Baker is well-cast and brings a really nice reality to this intriguing play.” – Tracey Paleo, GIA ON THE MOVE

“Dennis Baker does an excellent job turning his character into a complex, fleshed-out human being during the tight 90 minutes, and tension builds steadily throughout.” – Erin Conley, ON STAGE & SCREEN

Purgatory is a storage unit in rural Alabama for Ed and Lorraine, the gunshot-ridden corpses of a murdered married couple. Leah and Todd, their teenaged murderers, flee the state to Arkansas, haunted by memories and the unearthly talking dead. When Mara and Ethan, two recent transplants from New York City, take the young adults into their new home, the disturbing unfolding reality of the situation threatens to destroy the lives (and afterlives) of all involved.

Red Cup Theater Company
February 4-19, 2017
Atwater Village Theater

Dennis Baker – ED
Maura M. Knowles – LORRAINE
Charmee Taylor – LEAH
Rod Hernandez-Farella – TODD
Arthur James Solomon – ETHAN
Leah Zang – MARA

Playwright – Ashley Rose Wellman
Director – Laura Steinroeder
Set Designer – JR Bruce
Lighting Designer – Brandon Baruch
Costume Designer – Jamie Brown
Fight Director – Mike Mahaffey
Assistant Director – Celia Mandela
Stage Manager – Nicolle Moyer
Technical Director – Jean-Paul Rosenveldt
Graphic Designer – Eric Toms




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