Super Sunday

Today was a good day for graduate schools auditions. I was passed on to Final auditions for URTA (that are in Chicago). Which means that I will audition for all the schools associated with URTA. If I did not get passed on then there is a Open Call where the schools are not guaranteed to be there (what I did last year).

I also auditioned for Wayne St. The audition went well. I am not 100% sure about the school. It is a see and wait. UC Irvine was a group audition that went well. My Montana audition went ok, I forgot some of my Shakespeare monologue and had to stop and start again, a first that has ever happened. My Regent audition went well too. I had a good hour long talk with them. We discussed issues I thought I might have with Regent as the schools is associated with Pat Robertson and conservative Christianity. The professor had only been teaching there six months and said he expressed the same concerns while in the hiring process. That was good to here. After leaving the schools I realized it was like Fuller with a theatre program.

The only thing I have tomorrow is my URTA Final Audition and any interviews I get with that. Cross your fingers/pray or do whatever you do as I could get zero interviews or a lot.

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