Summer Reading and Such

If you have not noticed in the right column I have added buttons for books, music, and movies. This summer, more than others, I have been more conscious in doing as much of these three as possible.

In the area of reading I was introduced to a great website called At the website you can rate books you read, add books you plan to read, and add friends to see what they are reading. I already have a pretty good list going. My goal is to read a number of plays as well as books. With an hour plus commute into the city three times a week, this give me a good opportunity to get some reading done.

In the area of music, has been the website that I have been using. It tracks the songs I play on itunes and then creates a radio station that fits my taste. This is great because at work I can play and it plays all the bands I love plus introducing me to artists I have not heard of, or songs I have not heard from the artists I love. We were also able to go to a David Wilcox concert this summer in north New Jersey. I was introduced to this folk singer back in college and can not get enough of him. We have been to two concerts in San Diego and was stoked to see him in the east coast. He is a must listen to. Also my friend introduced me to Lucy Kaplansky. We were able to see a free concert of hers at Madison Square Park in NYC. She is a folk artist as well. I enjoyed her music, but have not been able to listen to her too much yet. She is definitely on the list. Also over at the Burnside Writers Collective they created a great Summer Mix Tape 2007. You can download all the songs for free.

Last is movies. We use Netflix as there is a distribution plan right here in New Brunswick, which makes for them to be pretty fast in the email. I am finishing up the first season of LOST as I never saw it, yeah I know it is the best season. I have enjoyed it, but it is hard to fully be into it as I know what is going to happen. We are counting the days till February.

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