Students protest Mike Daisey’s Invincible Summer

I saw How Theater Failed America last weekend and LOVED it! The one man show was hilarious, thoughtful, critical and touching. There are numerous reviews so I will not repeat what is already out there. It is running two more weeks at the Barrow Street Theater. GO SEE IT!! I will be attending the last two roundtable discussions and will post more about them soon.

In discovering more about Mike and his shows I came across this video. This is old news for most of the theater world as this event happened April of 2007, but since I was in a black hole last year I figured I would share with the people who have not heard. Mick Montgomery does a good job of blogging about similar experiences with Christian audiences. Performing in similar situations I too am not surprised about the reaction because unfortunately there are a lot of people that don’t think outside their own fears, but what I am surprised about is that the audience had prior knowledge.

Reading Daisey’s blog posts about the incident it is revealed that the Christian choir group called ahead and asked if there was adult content. Usually when there is an adult content claim it is because the F-word is used and/or there is usually reference to sex. If the adult chaperone’s were still not sure they should have asked what was the nature of the adult content. Just because you disagree with someone’s work dis not mean you can leave sensitivity behind. I congratulate Daisey on taking the high road and embracing a situation that was completely ridiculous and absurd.

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    3 thoughts on “Students protest Mike Daisey’s Invincible Summer

    1. Erin G.

      Oh, Mike Daisey handled that with such grace. What a disappointment to me, since I make no secret of being a Christian and I feel like this type of behavior paints me into a corner…as if I should answer to it even though I would never act out like that. I’ve seen Mike Daisey’s work live and I’ll say flat out that I think he uses the F-bomb more than he needs to…but I don’t consider it offensive. It’s no more than you hear on TV or in any “on the street” conversation. I am disappointed in this Christian group because being a Christian literally means “Christ-follower”. The goal is to align yourself with Christ’s teachings as much as humanly possible. Jesus Christ was (and is) all about loving people unconditionally. Walking out like that was more disrespectful than actually addressing the issue “live” with Mike Daisey — because if they had asked nicely, I bet Mike Daisey would have spontaneously considered adjusting his language. He shows a lot more openness in that nine minute clip than the audience group that walked out. Bah!

    2. dennis

      Thanks for the comment Erin. I think it would have just been as disrespectful to ask Mike to adjust his language. The audience was warned in the advance. They knew there was going to be language. Apparently for the group the F-word and sexual references were used too much. That is the risk they took when agreeing to attend. Also the show is scripted and, although he does adjust in shows, to disturb him in the middle of his show would be like standing up in the middle of a Mamet play and asking the actor to tone down the language.

    3. Erin G.

      True — I thought of that after I posted. IIt seemed, during the walk out, that he was willing to discuss the issue — and that was more of what I meant. But since the group was not willing to, it’s a moot point and we’ll never know. Ah, well.

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