So Here Is To The Good And The Bad

Today was not the greatest day, and yet nothing really bad nor out of the normal happened today. I subbed for a sixth grade class and I was pretty much not happy all day. The kids were getting on my nerves, and yet they were not really doing anything wrong.

As the day went on I thought to myself am I just naturally not happy? This thought came upon as I have thought about my life to date and conversations I have had with people regarding how I react to things. The more and more I think about it, inside of me, my natural state is one of unhappiness.

To begin to counterbalance this I am choosing to blog about the little things that are going well (as well as the bad). I don’t want to exclude the bad things and become this person that just focuses on the “positive” things because I don’t think that is fair to the reality of life. So here is to the good and the bad…

AUDITION: It is tomorrow for lead role in a feature film. The project is entitled “Candy Striper”. The producers are Kate Robbins and Suzanne Lyons as writers are Robbins and Jill Garson.

AUDITION: Well sort of. I was called by a production company in Chicago and they want me to mail them a reel. They got my headshot and want to see more. They want to see my reel and if they like it they will set up an audition in late June when they are in LA.

AUDITION: I got called for an Equity play in San Diego. I have not decided if I want to take this. There aren’t too may rehearsals before the opening, but they have a lot of shows at 10am for high schools and I don’t know if that will work

ACT notified me, taking me off there alternate list, and that was my last contact from graduate schools. I have already began preparing for next year by looking at new Shakespeare monologues and will probably take a class at the end of summer. As for this summer, it will be the summer of writing. I want to write a book about the arts, the church and the post-modern era. I also want to write a script based on a book that a I know a producer has the rights for. The lead character is perfect with me, and with the possible contact I might be able to get it pushed through and be eligible for the part. Keeping realistically positive.

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