No Audition Class for Rutgers Graduate Acting Students

The Rutgers graduate acting program is not supplying its third year students with an auditioning teacher.  The teacher for the course went on sabbatical and the administration decided not to pay for a replacement. A student brings in audition material to perform and the other classmates critique it.  Most of these classmates have no professional acting or audition experience. And they are paying for this?

How can this be okay in an MFA acting program. The big sell of these programs is that they will prepare you for the professional life of an actor. Last time I checked the major component of an actor’s life is auditioning. Actors audition far more than they are actually hired to perform. This is completely baffling. How is Rutgers expected to be taken seriously as an graduate MFA acting program when the administration is not willing to pay for a teacher to help in such an essential component of an actor’s career? As prospective students begin to research acting programs for auditions at the end of the year/beginning of next year I hope they highly question attending (and paying) an institution who is not willing to put resources into such an important aspect of an actors training.

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