I just got done reading Declan Donnellan’s book, The Actor and the Target. It is one of the best books I read about acting. He addresses major questions actors deal with when working on a role and then proceeds to change the actor’s viewpoint in how to ask the question and then how to respond it it. My notes are too long to type and I will not do it justice. Cheek by Jowl, Donnellan’s theater company, has a good review and excerpts from the book. Go check it out!

Debby Allen wrote an article about me before I left for New Jersey. She has republished it over at The People’s Media Company. It was originally written for our church blog.

I came across a pretty cool website, American Theater Wing. They are the organization that created the Tony awards. They produce various television and radio interviews from the New York theater community. It is worth to see some great interviews. I just watched the interview with Jeff Daniels (“Blackbird”), Brian Dennehy (“Inherit the Wind”), Liev Schreiber (“Talk Radio”) and Kevin Spacey (“A Moon for the Misbegotten”). They discuss a wide array of topics, including whether the prefer rehearsal to performance, their experience in long runs and how great plays can carry actors along, the acting opportunities of appearing in many plays by the same author, how they find new challenges, whether they can still enjoy theatre as a member of the audience, and if its harder to do their work now that they’re well known.

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    1. matt marceau

      Hey, just moved into New Brunswick. It’s funny that you mention The Actor and the Target- I’m using it as a coaster for my mug right now! I need to read that book, especially since I picked it up at the RSC of all places.

      Hope you’re doing well this summer, Dennis.

      Matt Marceau

    2. dennis

      Welcome Matt to NB (aka No Funswick). It’s a great book. The ideas are not new, but how he words them are pretty cool. Yea, get started before classes get too crazy, which they will.

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