Practical Undergrad Degree

If I had to do it over again, I would have my undergraduate degree is something practical. I would have majored in Business or Graphic Design and minored in Theater. I am realizing that when I am done with graduate school, it is going to take me another year or two of classes and hands on experience to make me viable in the Web/Graphic Design field.

I know I will need a “day” job to supplement the acting work and I wish I had prepared for that job in a better way. They say that you should not look for a back-up to acting, but let’s be honest, you should! Since I did not it is going to take me longer and cost me more money to get a “day” job that I enjoy, pays well, and gives me time to audition. Doing the typical actor “day” jobs like waiting tables or substitute teaching usually means more hours for less pay.

So heads up to any seniors/undergrad peeps. Get a practical undergraduate degree. With a minor in theater and with classes/work you can get outside of school you will be prepared to enter the field of acting. And if you want more intense training that is the time to get your MFA. Because once you are done with graduate school you will be glad you have a degree to get a good “day” job while you are auditioning.

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