Opening of The Country Wife

We had the opening of The Country Wife. It was good show with a good audience that got more into the show as it went on. It took the first act for them to get use to the language and story (unfortunately the half that I am in) and by the second act they were really enjoying it.

I personally like the preview show better. That is the night all the Mason Gross students are invited and our first audience. The good part of that is that you have your fellow classmates in the audience so there is a real warm connection. With that comes the aspect that they will react is ways a paying audience will not. There is usually much more laughs for the preview show as they react to their classmates on stage.

All in all things are going well, just sixteen more shows to go. Below is a picture of me in my rehearsal costume. They had me cut my hair and only keep the goatee so I would have younger cleaner cut for the show. The second picture is of the set. It is a early picture and the set now has more components. I think we are taking production shots next weekend and I will post those when I get them.

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