Nostalgia: Day 6 of 6 (10/20/05)

7:30pm: Walking into work tonight, there was the sense of routine and also the sense that tonight would be the last night. We had worked enough days that it felt like tomorrow would be much of the same. We were handed the schedule. There were five scenes to be shoot. All in the breakroom. The first scene was with Peter (Seth) and all the writers. The following scenes were one on one scenes and each of the other writers. That means I had one scene, that was going to be shot first. Might I get out early, I was not going to count on it, and part of me did want to stay as long as possible and make the last night count.

9pm: We are finishing make-up and it is confirmed that they are shooting through the scenes tonight. I will be done early.

10pm: We finish blocking the scene and I hang out on set while the crew light is and finished last minute tweaks. I want to soak it all up. I see Marty, the first A.D. standing by himself and I go up to thank him. He is on set the whole time and as an actor we never really get to talk to him, as we are only on set to shoot. The first AD is the glue that keep the “monster” moving. He is in charge of everything running smoothly and on time. This is stressful, and as a true professional Marty ran everything smoothly and was very caring to the actors. Each time he we would arrive to set to shoot a scene he would address us by name and ask how we were doing. He was a class act.

12pm: We shoot three different angles and I hear from Marty, “That is a picture wrap for Dennis Baker.” The crew applaud (which feels wierd) and I shake everyone’s hand and thank them for a great work experience. We take pictures of the cast and with the director and producer. It does not feel over, but I know it is. I agree with the cast, that this is one of the best sets I have worked on. I am no longer a night owl.

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