Nostalgia: Day 5 of 6 (10/19/05)

6:15pm: I arrive on set early. I like to get in, relax for awhile and take my time in makeup. Makeup is a fun place to chat and a good pick me up as the girls are really nice and usually have high energy, so I usually don’t like to be in and out.

8pm: Tonight is all the scenes in the conference room. It is a small up stairs room. The first two scenes is with all the writers, Peter, and Arlen (the magazine owner). Between the six of us, and the crew we are tight. First looking at the schedule the writers are only in the first two scenes, so I am thinking we might get out early. I thought wrong. Due to the size of the space they decided to not to shoot through the scenes. (Shooting through is when you shoot all the shots for one scene before moving on to the next scene). They decided to shoot all the scenes from one angle, then move the camera, and shoot all the scenes over from the new angle. We had six scenes to go through.

10pm: We shot the master and two close ups for both scenes. Things went fine. I actually don’t talk in the first scene and say one line in the second scene. So my job was pretty easy.

11pm-4am: We sat and waited till the shot the other scenes. Dinner consisted of Taco Bell, the only other place than Denny’s open at midnight. Taco Bell at midnight is not a good think. Many of the actors were not feeling well by 2am. I had a great chat with Carey Rothman. He was the Art Director for the movie. The pictures you see are drawing he did of us at rehearsal. He also paints pictures and does interior design for clubs. He showed us some of his work. It was amazing! He had a vibe that I dug. He had long hair that went over his eyes, tall, and had a calm, appealing voice. The conversation and art made the night for me.

5am: We are back to shoot the two scenes over again. It takes a little longer than the first round as the actors are a little loopy and the crew tired, but we get through it. I don’t think I will be able to watch this movie with any sense of imagination, because I will have known what really happened before each scene and remembering nights where we shot one scene at 8pm one night and 5am the next day. When you see it, don’t tell anyone. It will be our secret.

6:30am: It is daylight. It is not fun when you come into work and it is daylight and you leave work and it is daylight. It is weird to drive home ending a day, when you see everyone beginning their day. It makes you want to go to the gym, to breakfast, to return all the calls and emails that have piled up…but all that will have to wait.

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