Nostalgia: Day 4 of 6 (10/18/05)

6:30pm: Call time was moved back because actors are to get a twelve hour turnaround per SAG rules. An actor’s call time can not be less then twelve hours than the wrap time from the day prior. Today was going to be a busy day. We are scheduled to shoot 9 scenes.

8pm: We block the scene where the writer’s play mini basketball in the office and get scolded by Arlen, the owner of the magazine. The blocking goes well. It is a technical scene, with certain timing issues. We seem to get it squared away, and hve fun shooting some hoops. Other than Kyle (Jason Frost) getting his eye scratched there were no injuries. You hae to be careful when you play ball with girls.

10pm: With the basketball scene in the can we move on to a small scene where we leave the office while Peter (Seth Macari) staying late in the office. It is a simple scene that is blocked, re-lit, and shot in two hours.

Midnight: Denny’s is on the menu tonight. The caterer was fired and Denny’s was the only restaurant that was open. The sad thing was that it was a step up from the food we were eating.

1am: The writer’s are on hold as we are scheduled for a scene at the end of the schedule. We are wondering if we are going to get to it. It would be great to go home early, but they want to keep us in case they do get to it.

3am: We are wrapped!! The problem is I can’t go to sleep at this hour or I will be all screwed up for the next night. So I call up Karen, as she is working, and I bring her breakfast. I am in bed by 5am, that is a good night!!

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