Nostalgia: Day 3 of 6 (10/17/05)

6:30pm: I arrive a half an hour late. I am frazzled as I hate to be late. I was driving down the 110 with major traffic. I thought if I cut through downtown it might be faster. It was not. There is no real worries as actors were still in make-up.

10pm: Shot is up for a group scene of the writers in the pit discussing why Peter is leaving work early so often. Pretty simple, we get it in two-three takes and we are out.

11pm-2am: This is down time for us as they are shooting other scenes with Peter and various lawyers. It is hard to do anything of worth at 1am, so it is alot of sitting around and talking. There is usually so much down time on a set that you get into some great conversations with other cast and crew. So much so that friendships feel like they are being built. The problem lies in that once the shoot is over you will probably never see these people again.

3am: It was looking like we were not going to get to the two group scenes that were scheduled for the end of the night so the three others writers were wrapped, but I have to stay to shoot a small scene I have with Peter. No rest for me yet.

4am: All the writers are gone as well as the three extras we had for today. So our holding room became so quite. I was zoning out and trying not to fall asleep.

5am: I am called to set for my scene. It is me returning to work late at night, gathering some of my personal things thinking that we might be fired due to downsizing. I discover Peter is still at work and he tries to reassure me that the writers will still have there jobs. The scene goes well and we are done in two takes.

6am: Busy day, and we did not get to two scenes, but I am wrapped for the night and ready for bed.

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