Nostalgia: Day 2 of 6 (10/16/05)

6pm: Call time. I arrive with hardly any sleep preparation. I tried to stay up the night before but crashed at 12:30am. Tried to get a nap and only slept for about an hour. It was going to be a long twelve hours.

8pm: Jason has one of his bigger scenes today. We shoot a scene where his character puts bottles of KY Jelly all over the office for our boss to see. We shoot one angle of the shot, running it numerous times for blocking.

10pm: I have some down time. Playing the waiting game. All apart of a day of filming for an actor.

Midnight: Lunch. The one thing lacking on this shoot is the meals. We had chicken loaf. Yea it was as bad it sounds. It was like meatloaf but made of chicken.

2am: We are up for one of my other big scenes. It is where I have a fight with Val and call her some not so very nice things. We were all pretty tired to it assisted with the fact that we had to be upset. We rehearsed it a few times and then shot. I thought it went well, it got better with each take. It definitely woke me up, which I needed.

4am: Wondering if I am going to be able to make it through the night. We shoot the reverse of Jason’s shot. It is his close up, with me behind him to say a line. Nothing like having your close up at 4am. I was falling asleep at my desk before we shot the scene, but we pushed through. Not without Arianne (make-up) and Kelly (Val) laughing at me and I am zoned out waiting to shoot. That seems to be there favorite thing to do.

6am: That is a wrap for the evening (or morning) and off to sleepy…

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