Nostalgia: Day 1 of 6 (10/15/05)

Yesterday was the first day of shooting for me on the feature film “Nostalgia”. Below are some of the details.

Noon: My call time to the set. It was bummed back from 10am. I arrive to set and meet Rick Mueller, the 2nd AD. He shows me to make-up and wardrobe. There I see Kimberly Barnett, she is playing Alycine one of the four young online writers. I am told my scene will be shot next and that I have some time as they just started setting up.

1pm: After getting my make-up done, it is time to wait. Since we are on the second story I get a bird eye view of the scene they are shooting. It suppose to be at a restaurant between the lead character Peter (Seth Macari) and actress Kelli Nordhus. I get a chance to see how big the production is. It is one of good size. There are about 30-40 crew people. All of them very nice, and too many names to remember. Hopefully I will get them by Day 3 or 4.

2pm: I am in costume and downstairs. There are still finishing the previous scene, but I wanted to be ready and get a closer view of the action. I get a chance to say hi to the director and producer which I have not seen in about three weeks. I have always been a fan of behind the scene footage on movie sets, and it is fun to stand back and watch it all happen.

3pm: We are finished blocking and begin to shoot my scene. It is with Seth, after I blow up in the office and Seth tells me that I have a crush on one of the co-workers. I confess to him I do, but I think she is a lesbian and that I have no chance. He tells me that I might be wrong. I had to pace in front of Seth, while smoking, as we had our dialogue. It took me a few minutes to figure out my framing, I basically had only two steps worth of space to pace, it was tight, but we made it work. Jason Frost (playing Kyle) and Kelly Flynn (playing Val) showed up during the scene and got to watch the final couple of shots. All the actors playing the young writers were now on set. Two cigarettes, two set ups and about four takes later the scene was done. My first of the movie in the can.

6pm: Dinner. I had a break before one of my big scenes with the three other writers. It was time to run lines, over and over again.

8pm: Time to rehearse the scene. The scene consisted of me explaining what I was writing my article on. It was pretty word heavy. The rehearsal was ok. The nerves were getting a little of the best of me and I was speeding through my lines. I re-grouped as they set up for the master shot. The shooting went well as I settled into the scene and took my time. The scene worked out well.

10pm: We were wrapped and told the rest of the week would be night shoots. That means starting at 6pm and going to probably 6am. Here is to the all nighters…

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