Los Angeles Film School

I am shooting another short film for the LA Film School tomorrow. I am planning on bringing the digital and getting some behind the scenes shots, of course I will post for your viewing pleasure. I am glad I went to the general audition. I was not expecting this much work out of it. The A.D. (film lingo for Asst. Director, but you know that) also wants me to be in the short film he is directing later.

I want to tell myself this is all due to the fact that I am a talented actor. While I may know this to be partly true I also tell myself they are using me because these students are in a one year intensive program and since most are from out of town they don’t know too many actors. It all means more film for me to put on my soon to be created reel.

Also I got a copy of the mockmentary I shot a couple of months ago. They are two three minute segments taken from the VH1 shown “Driven”. I will try to get it up on the site.

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