Long Beach and UCLA

These last two weeks I had MFA auditions for Cal State, Long Beach and UCLA. I did not receive any response that would make me think they were interested. I was late for my Long Beach audition. They told me to meet at the school, when I was suppose to meet at theatre across town (a similar thing happened to me last year). When I got there, the auditioners were just about to leave for lunch. I performed my two audition pieces, and they asked what I was doing for the last year, and that was it. I got the feeling they wanted to be at lunch.

As for UCLA, it was a group audition. We performed our to monologues in front of each other. Last year, they had everyone perform their contemporary monologues and had three people stay afterwards to perform their classical monologues. This year, they asked no one to stay.

Three weeks until we head to Europe and then we will go to New Jersey to visit Rutgers.

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    1. Ashley

      hey dennis,

      it’s ashley phelan. i live about 40 mins. from rutgers. it is actually a pretty decent place. let me know if you need any help while here. i heard you were looking so i wanted to let you know that i live here now!


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