Grad School Updates

Chicago went well. I did not get passed on to the Final Auditions for URTA. Therefore I went to Open Call auditions where URTA could not guarantee what schools would be there. Through that University of Virginia and Florida called me in for an interview. My separate auditions with Brandeis University, National Theatre Conservatory, and Rutgers University also went well.

The San Francisco trip was not so kind. The ride up as fine, but we stayed in a small crappy hotel in downtown where we had to park five blocks away as the hotel had no parking. My audition with ACT went well and I was called back, but they required an acapella song during callbacks so I gracefully bowed out. I also had a walk in audition with University of Washington, and after completing my two monologues they asked for a song. I politely told them I did not sing, but they insisted. So I sang “Amazing Grace” and the whole time I was worried I was going to forget the words.

UC Irvine went as expected. I was about 20-30 minutes late due to the crazy rain. They were holding group auditions with about 10 people. We did some warm-ups and we auditioned with everyone in the room, a little wired, but we were supportive of one another. They said they would call people back the next day if they needed more info, they did not call.

University of San Diego (at the Globe Theatre) went the best so far. They had remembered me from a couple years back and really liked my contemporary monologue from “All My Sons”. They mentioned that they could see my growth and were impressed with all the work I have done since my undergraduate days. I could tell just by the expressions and comments that they were interested in me. They even stopped me when I was leaving to ask me what career my wife had. Once I said Nursing, they said that was perfect because we could move anywhere.

I met a girl in San Diego who was in my audition group at UC Irvine. She told me that she went to give them her phone number after the audition and saw comments they made, and happened to see hers saying, “Forget it”. I felt bad for her, but she made a great point that is better to know than wait for months to hear from a school. She also mentioned that she already got an email from the National Conservatory saying she was not called back. I have not yet received an email from them so maybe I am a tougher decision for them.

Below are the schools that I believe are considering me (ranked in preferable order):
1. University of San Diego (They will make their decisions my late March/early April)
2. National Theatre Conservatory(They are holding callback in Denver the second week of March. They are making callback decisions by the end of the month)
3. University of Florida
3. University of Virginia
4. Brandeis University (Seemed interested, but I was their first audition of their first day in Chicago, so they had nothing to compare to

I am unsure about UC Irvine and Cal State Long Beach, but I do like the schools and hope I get a chance to go there.

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    1. T.K.

      I know this post is sort of old, but I wanted to touch on the whole “singing” thing. It’s not really “can this person sing” because they’re not training singers. They just want you to use your voice in a different way.

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