Factors in Casting

I went to an audition last Friday for a small three line part of the series “24”. It was for the role of a CTU Agent. While waiting for the audition I ran into a fellow member of the Write Act Repertory. He was reading for the same part I was.

I got there 15 minutes early and realized I was one of the first to audition since the audition had not started when I got there. I noticed there were not a lot of people there to audition when I walked in. I did not think of it until I saw the small stack of headshots the Casting Director had in her hand. I was hoping the numbers would be on my side. I walked into the audition, said my lines and chatted for a bit. Before I left they asked me how tall I was. I replied saying I was 6’3″ and did not think too much of it as I did not have it on my resume and thought that is why they asked.

Two days later I was at a party at the fellow member’s apartment. We of course wanted to know how things went for each other. I told him I did not receive a call and he replied that he went to producers later that day for a different role. After explaining all that went wrong for him he then told me that he saw the actors that were called back for the CTU Agent and none of them were taller than him, about 5’8-5’9.

Then it hit me, the scene was with Kiefer Sutherland and he was also that size. That is why they asked. They don’t want the lead of a show looking small and puny to a three line actor who was going to die at the end of the page…or at least that is what I am telling myself. So is my life…

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