Different Kind of Callback

I was called back for the feature film, “The Wrong Hands”. What was odd about it was that they wanted me to do the read through. When I got there I met three actors who were already cast and then two more actresses and myself that were “called back”. The evening went as a normal table read, and at the end the director talked to us about the script. I, as well at the other to actresses, hoped that he would tell us if we were cast, but nothing was said. We asked if they wanted the scripts back, but they said to hold on to them. Sounds like a good thing. They said they would be working this weekend and I assume we will hear by Monday.

Well, I hope we hear by Monday as the audition notice said they begin shooting Jan. 6th. I did not want to ask to much details about the schedule and contracts because I did not want them to think I was assuming I got the part. Knowing they might be shooting for longer than a month I wanted to make them aware that I would be in Chicago for the first week of February. The producers were receptive. They thanked me for letting me know and said they had not made out the schedule yet. As my character is a supporting role, I don’t think the conflict will be a problem. So now the wait…

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    4 thoughts on “Different Kind of Callback

    1. Trevor

      Oy! Talk about annoying. I’ve been through similar situations and I think it all comes down to commitment (or lack thereof). People are so afraid of making the “wrong” choice that they hold off on making any until the last minute.

      I hope it works out for you and Happy New Year!

    2. of_the_forest

      Hey, I saw your comment on my page. It’s been ages since I’ve been on here. Anyway, no I won’t be in Chicago. I have gone the way of the sloth and opted to spend at least another six months at a well paying job with benefits. Break a leg! I’ll be looking forward to a post full of good news come mid-February.

    3. dennis

      Yea, a job with benefits is hard to leave, off_the_forest. I hope to be posting good news come mid-february. This year I feel the most confident about my audition pieces. Let’s hope it translates.

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