Country Wife Rehearsal

We are in the middle of the second week of rehearsal and things seem to be moving along. The first week consisted of table readings. There were times that we got through twenty five pages in four hours! As tedious as that sounds, it was helpful to walk (and sometimes crawl) through the material to make sure we understood the characters and circumstances. Unfortunately about half of my lines were cut. Many of my lines did not have to do with the thrust of the plot, and since the original play is three hours long, the lines were cut for time and clarity. I understand why there were cut, but a part of me is bummed because the scenes that were cut brought insight to who my character was and why he was in the show. All part of the business.

This is week is spent on blocking and as the director, Cigdem Onat, calls it, sketching out the scenes. I have had the last two days off as I am not in Act IV and most of Act V. We sat around the later part of rehearsal on Monday and the director talked to us about some of our characters. Some actors have found many parts of their character this early in the process while other actors are still treading through the murky water. I feel I am somewhere in the middle. I feel I understand my character and am continuing to explore what all that means.

I feel a little distant from the overall production. As much as I am apart of it, I feel I am on the outer circles. This is occurs from the fact that since it is such a big cast (7 men and 7 women) time is spent on the main characters and therefore the supporting actors do not get as much time working with the director. This causes me to continually check in with myself to see if I am executing the actions and thoughts that I think represent my character. I am taking the stance that if the director has not said anything to me that I am progressing in a manner that matches her vision. Time will tell if that is working for me.

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    1. Devon

      Hey! I’ve come across your blog a few times while in search for information in reguards to the Rutgers program. This is my second attempt at admissions, and the first time around I made it to first alternate (most likely we met while I attended class)…anyway…
      My question is directed towards Meisner.
      How has this work changed your prospective? It’s difficult for me to understand how it will benifit me, when I feel that it’s a technique that’s nearly impossible to explain…I know you’re busy, but if you have any valuable info to offer it’s def. app! ~Devon

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