Can Cannes?

I started rehearsal for “Nostalgia”. It is a great group of actors. The producer and director are very cool as well. They are impressing me more and more each day. I had the chance to talk to the director and producer separately and they both met while getting their Masters in Film at UCLA (their in the 40s now). The director said their goal with this film is to get it into Cannes. Wow, I thought, I did not give these guys enough credit, they are making a go at this. I over heard they are shooting on 35mm anaerobic(sp?), technical term for widescreen.

This type of information tells me that they have a good budget on the film. One does not talk money on set, at least the actor doesn’t. You let the agent take care of that, so you don’t look like the bad guy. It is not the norm for an actor to come up to a Producer and ask, “So what is the budget on this thing?”, at least I would think it would be rude, so I am finding my information from just keeping my ears open and mouth shut.

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