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Well, I am back from the dead, or at least a busy month of May, with end of semester grading, final teaching artist workshops and preparing for the understudy run of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, which is running till June 13th at Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ.

To celebrate my return to the blogosphere, I am holding a contest. It is time for new business cards.

Details: Below are three versions I am debating over. All you need to do is leave a comment saying which one you like. I will pick one comment by random to win.

Prize: One hour search engine optimization consultation.

Expiration: 6pm EST on Friday, June 4th

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Update: Card #4 (based on Devon’s comment)

Update: Card #5 (based on Ann’s comment)

Update: Back of Card

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    8 thoughts on “Business Card Contest

    1. Devon

      #3. though i’d mix up the columns so services are on the left, contact methods are on the right. ‘web development’ sounds a little redundant.

    2. Ann Sachs

      Absolutely #4, with the following suggestions:

      1. Justify phone # left, to align w other contacts.
      2. Combine actor/teaching artist on one line (I know – get over it!) It’s better alignment.
      3. Adjust your photo left, so your chin is centered over the contacts list
      4. Make the back of the card gray, like your sweater.
      5. Use a heavy card stock. You are a hearty fellow. Flaunt it.

      Your goal (should you choose to accept it) is for everyone who takes your card to say: “Wow” or “Handsome” or “Classy” or some such exclamation that is really a compliment describing you.

      And if we ever meet, I’ll show you my card.

    3. Dennis Baker

      Thanks Ann. Card #5 is added with your comments. Due to how the photo was shot it does not go any farther left. I wanted to integrate my logo, but did not want to clutter the front, so I put it on the back. Also like the gray idea, will give it some thought.

      I am using, and their card stock is great. I have never been called hearty before, I feel now I should be a spokesperson for some sort of “hearty” soup. 🙂

    4. jonathan marrs

      i like #4, but would it look good to have all the text left of center justified to the left?

    5. Ann Sachs

      OK. So voting again for – you guessed it – #5.

      Unless you want to add #6:

      1. Take out the space between the lists, and make the card a skinny one.
      2. Consider doing your logo in Gray and Black. The gray is really good for you

    6. Kyle Hamman

      I’d go with #5 with the note of moving your twitter and email (contact info) together and the two websites (information hubs) together.

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