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I am not one for new years resolutions, though I committed last week to the WordPress 2011 challenge to post at least once a week. While I plan to post more than that, depending on my availability, I am deciding to have a consistent weekly post that will arrive on Tuesdays.

Back to the Basics
Since 2011 is a new decade, and this blog will have been active for seven years this April, I am using this year to get back to the basics of blogging and consistent content. Exploring questions like, who is my audience? What am I truly passionate about writing? What am I bringing to the overall conversation?

One community that I follow, and sometimes contribute, is #2amt on twitter. A conversation started with @DaveCharest throwing out a link talking about basic blogging tips, and why someone might not be reading, or unsubscribe, to your blog. While I agree with most of the points in the blog post, and having done some myself, what got me thinking most was @TravisBedard‘s tweet.

Not That Simple
I started to think of all the blogs I read. My Google Reader is eclectic with folders labeled Acting, Arts Entrepreneur, Community Arts, Freelance, Friends, Money, SEO, Social Media, Stage Combat, Teaching Artist, Theater, Web Design and about ten blogs that don’t fit naturally into any of those categories. I subscribe to 180 blogs in total.

I do agree with Travis, in that, tech writers are writing more for attracting the most amount of hits, to attract advertisers, by giving their readers that one quick piece of information (5 steps of this or how to do this), which seemed to be the type of writer that wrote the post about not reading your post because it was too long. While niche writes, many theater bloggers for example, tend to write longer posts.

For those who are just starting a blog in 2011, or recommitting to blog consistently, know there is no right way. Write as much as you need to say what you need to say. Of course, you should have a goal to be specific, but don’t keep checking the word count. I have read many great posts that felt more like essays and quick three sentence posts that said exactly what was needed. So just keep writing, be clear what you want to say, and those that want to read it will.

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