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We got back from the family vacation on Monday. Things finally settled enough where I can start blogging again. Here is a run down of things of late:

I was hired on for a week worth of work on a short Western called “Resurrection”. A fellow actor and friend acted in the production about a year ago. The short was about 40 minutes long. The director got good feedback and wanted to make it an hour long to pitch as a television show. We shot in Downy Studios, which are new studios made out of old aircraft hangers. It was nice to get hired on simply from a referral, much better than the audition process.

I had three auditions this week. Once was at Danny Goldman Casting for a commercial. Danny happened to be outside as I was walking back to my car. We had a nice conversation and asked me to drop off my headshot so he could read more about me. That was pretty cool.

Being out here for three years and making contacts is starting to reap some rewards. A writer who I have been emailing with, but never got to actually meet emailed me about a voice over gig, but it looks like it might not pan out. He emailed me while I was on vacation. I got back to him, but I had not heard back for a couple of days and emailed a mutual producer friend. The producer said the writer was out of town and he thought all the parts were cast. I was bummed, but it happens.

I also got into an audition this week because the casting director was a gal I worked on a film with a couple of months ago. The voice over email, the audition and the western movie shows the longer you stick around and do good work, the more people will remember you. That is something that I have been thinking about this week. If I want casting directors of television and film to call me in I have to be around for a good number of years for them to trust and remember me. I can’t be an actor who swoops into LA expecting to be seen in three years and leave town if it does not happen. As Kevin E. West said in this weeks Backstage West, if I want to be an actor I need to make LA my home and look at the career from a long term perspective.

New Headshots
If you check out my webste you will see some new headshots. There were taken by Mark Atteberry. I like them alot. Also found out that Mark went to BIOLA, a rival of Azusa Pacific. Small world.

I have been asked to be one of the writers for the blog Around the Gate. The link is added to the right along with two other aricles I have written in the past. I have not added a post yet. But check it out as I have some things stirring in my head.

Baby Griffin
Our friends Brad and Missy our expecting there second daughter and we threw them a little surprise shower at our place on Wednesday. It was fun to hang out and catch up with friends. I am one who loves surprises and surprising people, so it was fun when Missy rounded the corner to our drive way and saw the set up. Karen was awesome in setting up all the directions and cooking the dinner. She is so good at it. The Griffins are such a blessing at it was nice to be able to give back to them.

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