Back in LA

We are back in LA. The auditions went well. University of Iowa and Rutgers were the two schools that seemed the most interested. Indiana University also expressed some interest. Overall, Rutgers gave me the most positive feedback, saying they wanted to fly me out to see the school.

I still have Cal State Long Beach audition tomorrow and UCLA in two weeks. More and more I am thinking about it, I think Rutgers is the place Karen and I will end up. I have always received good feedback from them. While at the interview they told me they wanted me to come last year, but I did not officially apply to the school. Last year would not have been a good year for Karen and I to leave LA for New Jersey. This year is a little different. I will not know for sure till I hear back from schools in April. We plan to go visit Rutgers the first week of April, after we return from Europe.

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