“Artists are placemakers; they are entrepreneurs.” – Rocco Landesman

I love that he “discovered” arts in a midsize Midwest town [is] anything but middling, after getting in hot water for stating “I don’t know if there’s a theater in Peoria, but I would bet that it’s not as good as Steppenwolf or the Goodman,” in this New York Times article. It is interesting he uses the term entrepreneur.

Theater people are still mixed with Landesman, with The Prof stating, “My uneasiness, perhaps predictably, is with his seeming NY-centricity”, Isaac Butler agrees stating, “I realized when we were doing Caroline or Change on Broadway as a commercial production and a non-profit was doing Barefoot in the Park that something was deeply wrong”, and Ken Davenport thinking Landesman was a good choice, “I think Rocco is a fantastic choice for the chair. He has fantastic business sense, and great artistic taste. In today’s economic firestorm, we need exactly that kind of leadership.”

An MP3 version or an transcript can be found here.

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