Active Consideration

I got a letter from Wayne St. University. I am in active consideration. That could mean a lot of things: they are not sure about me till they see other people, they like me but don’t want to make a decision yet. I know it means that they did not say no right away, which is a good thing.

I am not 100% excited about the program. I would like it better if it did not run under non-union. Apart of going to graduate school is that I would like to get my equity card, an almost impossible task in LA. But with Wayne St. being non-union I could not get my equity card while in their productions. I also have a connection to the Detroit area (shout out to Jessie) that says the school is not in the greatest location. On the positive side, they pay for all of the tuition. So good news for now, maybe I will get other surprise letters like this one…

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    1. Samantha

      I had also looked into Wayne State and was offerd the full tuition waiver, stipend, health insurance, etc. Then discovered the program offers such a good deal to cover for what they lack. Two of the professors from my undergrad recieved MFAs from their program. Both of their design careers were short lived.

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