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Had an interesting twitter conversation that I thought the blog readers would like.

@dennisbaker: 30 year old actress on @suzeormanshow incurred $30,000. Her excuse, “I thought I would book something”. C’mon #actors get real!

@dennisbaker: Actress: “I was hoping I could just book one of these commercials” @suzeormanshow: “Hope is not a finical plan.”

@dennisbaker: Actress on @suzeormanshow makes $9/hr. #Actors learn skills that U cn #freelance at an hourly that allows U 2 pay bills & pursue acting

@bwaysaint: I can believe it – I’m $25K in debt & paying it down. You can still “hope” no matter what Suze says.Keeps u positive & focused

@bwaysaint: You just can’t rely on JUST “hope.”

@dennisbaker: @bwaysaint I think U make the same point Orman is making. The mindset of going in2 debt until “I book that commercial” is hope w/out action.

@bwaysaint: Exactly. I still hope for that opp. that will take me out of it, but I’ve stopped spending…had to. I was drowning! lol

@__dana__: @daniellecasting Question Pls– about the prevalence of “national” commercials these days, and earnings abilities for commercial actors?

@daniellecasting: @__dana__wellll.. If they book it yes!! They could do two or three and be good

@daniellecasting: @__dana__ it’s a crap shoot like everything else in our business

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ @daniellecasting Is that is book 2-3 commercials a month for rent? Realistic?

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ @daniellecasting What I keep hearing is the days of the $40,000-$50,000 national commercial are over.

@daniellecasting: @dennisbaker you know honestly it depends u get lucky ur what the director is looking for ur good. The more u go out the better the chances.

@daniellecasting: @dennisbakerbut yes u can still make that money not often as b4 but u can

@__dana__: @dennisbaker YesI keep hearing that too! That’s why I asked her. (you, Danielle) That makes me hesitant to advise it as “fallback career”

@__dana__: @dennisbaker I am not certain that #actors can make a living in commercials these days. @daniellecasting Do you think? Solely from them?

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ When has anything acting related bn considered a fallback career?

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ Annual Median income of a AEA actor is $0 dollars a year. My guess is SAG actors are not too far off.

@__dana__: @dennisbaker Interesting to investigate. I think SAG #actors make more, simply cuz film always pays more than theatre. But not sure, average

@__dana__: @dennisbaker Commercials have been “fallback” career, as long as I was in the business.Many actors in NY + LA used to earn there, as living

@__dana__: @dennisbaker When I was actively in the business, my consistent income, before I got ‘series regular’ type level, was voiceovers. Back up.

@__dana__: @dennisbaker Think she [@daniellecasting] means 2-3 National Commercials a year–because nationals (vs regional, et al) pay a residual evry airing-

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ I see what you mean. I would also say the percentage of actors, that have acting related back-up jobs, are small.

@__dana__: @dennisbaker I think you are right, but I do know that it’s very diff in NY and LA. I heard the other nite at a SAG event-NY actors grt av $

@__dana__: @dennisbaker I think it also depends on whether an #actor has representation, and the quality and status of their representative.

@dennisbaker: @__dana__ Luv to hear any SAG stats you can get. I agree, 10 yrs ago commercials were considered backup work.

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