2011 Productivity Apps: Evernote

Now that I have been back in Los Angeles for four months, things are starting to get into a rhythm. It feels like good timing with it being a new year and new decade. As part of my post a week series, I will be sharing new activities I am undertaking for 2011 and new productivity applications that are helping me achieve these new goals.

I have joined one of the nine Power Groups offered by The Actors’ Network. These are groups of about 30 actors from TAN who get together once a month to discuss goals and progress, share resources, and ask questions. Each group is led by an experienced facilitator. These are a great way to meet other productive actors, and begin to really find a sense of community, one of the hardest things to do in this city, particularly when you first arrive.

A requirement for each participant is to come to the meeting with a laundry list of goals and activities accomplished for the previous 30 days and a list of goals and activities one wants to complete for the 30 days. The two-hour meeting is spent going through everyone’s list, along with discussing any industry-related questions.

Evernote has been the application that has helped me in preparing for my Power Group (PG) meetings. I am able through the month to cross off goals as I complete them, and make a list of new goals. This can be done on my iMac, Macbook, or iPhone and the information is saved to my account. During the meeting, I can easily type up information that I hear other group members talk about and automatically know they are saved for easy access later. I can also upload the calender of events from TAN’s website and scan any handout that I receive in the meeting into a PDF and upload it to my Evernote account.

I am always looking for great applications that would help my freelance work/life. Do you have one that you love and can not live without? Let me know what it is, and if I write about it, I will give you a free half-hour website, or social media marketing, phone consultation.

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