If you want to see how an actor makes himself an industry, check out Dennis Baker, who does it right. – Tom Lapke, Owner at Actors Launchpad

Dennis Baker

About Dennis

He grew up in Central California and after studying at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival he went on to graduate from Azusa Pacific University. After graduation he spent time in Los Angeles and worked theater companies like the Knightsbridge Theater, Write Act Repertory and Actors Workout Studio.

He received his masters from New York University and worked with Gorilla Repertory and regionally at the Two River Theater Company. Television credits include CRIMINAL MINDS and he is a member of Actors Co-op, the Open Fist Theater Company, and Red Cup Theater Company. He also works as The Business program director at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. He plans, coordinates, organizes and directs all aspects of the Business Program, a series of professional development workshops and seminars to help educate actors about the business of acting and the greater entertainment industry as a whole.